Our goal is a perfect installation, exactly as designed, with clear communication on all sides.

landscaping projects

As a licensed landscape contractor, we’re responsible for selecting healthy plant specimens, installation, hardscape, soil improvement, seed application, irrigation, maintenance, and more. But as a top-tier landscaper in a demanding market, we must also be skilled communicators and driven to give our clients the best project possible; on time, and on budget.




Rice Ranch Restoration Project
10-acre chapparal, coastal scrub, and grassland sites

Ellwood Native Grassland Restoration
2.5-acre native grassland site

Lake Casitas Dam Modernization
Upland and Wetland Restoration and Revegetation Projects
40-acre borrow site, 8 acre-dam site, 5-acre wetland site

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  Ganna Walska Lotusland Street Frontage
Montecito, CA
Pat Brodie Landscape Design

Pismo Medical Campus
Pismo Beach, CA
Deborah Shaw Restoration + Landscape, Inc.

Gonzales Shopping Center
Gonzales, CA
Deborah Shaw Restoration + Landscape, Inc.

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  Gardner Residence
2011 Santa Barbara Beautiful Award
Montecito, CA
Rios, Clementi, Hale Studios

Rancho San Augustine Hill House and Creek House
Gaviota, CA
Isabelle Green and Associates, L.A.

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