Our goal is a perfect installation, exactly as designed, with clear communication on all sides.

landscaping projects

As a licensed landscape contractor, we’re responsible for selecting healthy plant specimens, installation, hardscape, soil improvement, seed application, irrigation, maintenance, and more. But as a top-tier landscaper in a demanding market, we must also be skilled communicators and driven to give our clients the best project possible; on time, and on budget.

Gardner Residence
2011 Santa Barbara Beautiful Award
Montecito, CA
Rios, Clementi, Hale Studios

Rancho San Augustine Hill House and Creek House
Gaviota, CA
Isabelle Green and Associates, L.A.

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  Ganna Walska Lotusland Street Frontage
Montecito, CA
Pat Brodie Landscape Design

Pismo Medical Campus
Pismo Beach, CA
Deborah Shaw Restoration + Landscape, Inc.

Gonzales Shopping Center
Gonzales, CA
Deborah Shaw Restoration + Landscape, Inc.

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  Rice Ranch Restoration Project
10-acre chapparal, coastal scrub, and grassland sites

Ellwood Native Grassland Restoration
2.5-acre native grassland site

Lake Casitas Dam Modernization
Upland and Wetland Restoration and Revegetation Projects
40-acre borrow site, 8 acre-dam site, 5-acre wetland site

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